The Dirty Hippie

The Dirty Hippie


Smells that good!

A friend had me make a blend for her patchouli loving husband, and it was just so good I had to share. While there is no specific direction for this oil, there are still so many positive benefits! Using essential oils is always a great way to bring balance to your mind and body. 

Benefits found in the oils in this blend.

Patchouli: has anti-depression and anti-anxiety properties, sedating, calming, relaxing. 

Bergamot: calms agitation and depression, reduces environmental physical & mental stress, sedative yet uplifting, helps with anxiety.

Frankincense: brings emotional balance, eases mental fatigue, antidepressant properties, sedative, helps with stress and tension.

Juniper Berry: antiseptic, increase energy, anti-depression properties, brings emotional balance, physical & spiritual purification.

Apply as often as you need to pulse points, back of neck, and feet. I also suggest applying to palms, cupping them over the mouth, and breathing a few deep breaths.

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