Gimme A Break

Gimme A Break


Adrenal Fatigue Support

Give your hard working adrenal gland a little TLC, they play a huge role in stress response. Your adrenal glands are involved in producing over 50 hormones that drive almost every body function! This blend can help bring balance to your mind and body by combating mental and physical fatigue.

Here are a few of the many benefits these oils provide.

Clove Bud: hormonal balance, memory, metabolism balance, immune stimulant, helps with fatigue.

Basil: helps with chronic fatigue, mental fatigue, antioxidant, stimulant, uplifting, anxiety,  nervous depression. 

Rosemary: boosts mental activity, improves cognitive function, relieves stress by decreasing cortisol levels, boosts immune system. 

Geranium: calms agitation & environmental stress,  antidepressant, refreshing, relaxing & sedative, hormonal imbalance, emotional balance.

Apply as often as you need to pulse points, back of neck, feet, and kidney area. I also suggest applying to palms, cupping them over the mouth, and breathing a few deep breaths.

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