Get It Together

Get It Together


Focusing never smelled so good!

When you are constantly surrounded by stimulation, a little help clearing the mind and focusing goes a long way. This blend is woodsy yet sweet, and will have you taking deep breathes just because it smells so delicious.

Vetiver is the main oil used in Get It Together. This oil has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine, and in India and Sir Lanka its known as the "oil of tranquility".  I couldn't be more happy to be sharing this oils benefits!

A few benefits found in the oils in this blend.

Vetiver: helps with ADD/ADHD, focusing, hyperactivity, loss of energy, nervousness, loss of energy...and so much more!

Sweet Orange: uplifting and energizing to the mind and body. calms anxiety, fear, & nervousness. antidepressant, sedative. 

Lemon: helps concentration, clarity of thought, memory improvement, promotes a sense of well-being, anti-depression, anti-anxiety, promotes relaxation.

Lavender: helps concentration, mental clarity, combats exhaustion, hyperactivity, helps mental and physical stress, anti-depression and anxiety, balances the body, and promotes a general sense of well-being.

Cedarwood: improves focus and helps with ADHD especially when combined with vetiver and lavender.

Apply as often as you need to pulse points, back of neck, and feet. I also suggest applying to palms, cupping them over the mouth, and breathing a few deep breaths.

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