Yoga mat cleaner & so much more.

One of my favorite things to do with my gal pals is Yoga and Qi Gong. So naturally, that inspired a spray to not only clean your mat, but prepare the spirit for your practice. 

Frankincense and juniper berry mellow out the bright scent of lime, grapefruit, and yummy tangerine. Give your spirit a treat and your mat a light cleaning with this delicious spray!

A few of the many benefits these oils offer:

Lime: antibacterial, water & air purification, anti-anxiety, increase energy, improving clarity of thought, memory improvement, promoting a sense of well being.

Grapefruit: antiseptic, disinfectant, antidepressant, helps with mental stress & fatigue.

Tangerine: antiseptic, soothes anxiety & stress, sedates depression, anger, and impulsive responses.

Juniper Berry: antiseptic, increase energy, anti-depression, emotional balance, physical & spiritual purification.

Frankincense: anti-infectious, balance, antidepression, immune system support, helps memory, mental fatigue, emotional balance, holy oil.

Comes in a 2oz cobalt blue spray bottle.


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