This multipurpose balm relieves pain and soothes the skin.

My experience with chronic pain, inspired this pain relieving balm. I wanted herbs that addressed both pain and inflammation. This is great for sore muscles, post workout tightness, neck and shoulder tension, and it just so happens to be great for eczema and dry skin! Massage wherever you need, as often as you need. 

A few benefits these herbs and oils provide.

Calendula: decreases inflammation, relieves pain, eases cramps & spasms. soothes bites, dry skin, burns, eczema. decreases dermatitis, natural antiseptic.

Arnica: heals bruses, anti-inflammatory, decreases swelling, pain relief, aids soft tissue injuries.

Rosemary: boosts mental activity, relieves respiratory problems, reduces pain, antimicrobial, soothes eczema, improves cognitive function, relieves stress by reducing cortisol levels, boosts the immune system.

Borage: strong anti-inflammatory, reduces PMS symptoms, soothes eczema, helps with fatigue & stress, rheumatoid arthritis pain, contains essential fatty acids including omega-6s. 

Lavender: calms agitation, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, greif/sorrow, anti-inflammatory, insomnia, ease mental & physical stress, relieves pain & tension, relaxation, sedative.

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