CATCH'N Zzzz 2oz

CATCH'N Zzzz 2oz


There is nothing better then a good nights sleep! 

The herbs and oils in this sleep balm were chosen for their calming, sedating, tension easing, and pain relieving properties. The goal is not only to relax, but to also create a bedtime ritual. 

After a long day, climb into bed and grab your balm. Start by massaging the balm into your neck and shoulders, paying special attention to any spots with tension. Breathe and let go. Next move down to your calves and feet and give a nice massage. Your feet carry you about your day and deserve some extra love! Now, settle in and breathe deeply the relaxing scent of rose, and just let go. 

A few of the benefits of the herbs, flowers, and oils in this balm.

Lavender: calms agitation, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, greif/sorrow, anti-inflammatory, insomnia, ease mental & physical stress, relieves pain & tension, relaxation, sedative.

Chamomile: sleep aid, reduce stress & anxiety, migraine relief, pain relief, anti-inflammatory.

Hops: sedative properties help stress, tension, and anxiety. calms the mind, reduces pain.

Rose: reduce stress, relaxation, antioxidant properties.

Cedarwood: sedative effect, pain relief, anti-anxiety, relieves nervous tension.



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